World’s first

sea moss gummy

“The Only Multivitamin Made From Sun, Soil & Sea”

What it does

Powered by beets, vitamins
D&E + wildcrafted sea moss from St. Lucia

Non Gmo


Gelatin Free


Gluten Free


Learn about our obsessively-researched nutrients & why we chose them.


Detox the body to improve athletic performance, cognitive health & help with support healthy fitness goals.

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Promotes gut health & digestion. Boosts heart health & fights free radicals.

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Wildcraft sea miss

Contains 8 of the body’s 9 essential amino acids which enhance cognitive performance, energy, endurance & recovery.

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Maca Root

Increases strength, endurance, performance & libido. High in antioxidants to fight free radicals.

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Supports nerve, muscle & brain function. Reduces blood pressure, inflammation & stiffness in arteries.

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Pumpkin seeds

Support DNA synthesis, immune function, heart health, metabolism & a healthy libido.

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Panax Ginseng

Key in flu prevention, fights fatigue & stress, enhances circulation & sexual function.

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Lion’s mane mushroom

Packed with Vitamin D, promotes nerve growth & memory, stimulates the immune system & reduces weight gain.

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It’s A Feeling

Learn about our obsessively-researched nutrients & why we chose them.

3 BDE Gummies Contain as much :

Learn about our obsessively-researched nutrients & why we chose them.

Vitamin B6 as

3 Bananas

Vitamin D as

6 Cups Tea

Vitamin E as

3 Bananas

Gummies do not contain

gluten, gelatin, soy, nuts, shellfish, artificial sweeteners, salicylates, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, dairy products, eggs, glucose syrups, or low grade oils. Always check your labels.

Each Gummy Contains

Citric Acid, Citrulline, Organic Pear Puree, Pure Cane Sugar, Purified Water

What the ocean gives us, we give back

BDE supports wellness for ALL, including our planet. The ocean produces 50% of the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, and the sea moss used in our very own gummies. As invincible as the planet and ocean may seem, they are in need of our help. Ocean Conservancy is on the frontlines of ocean protection, creating science-based solutions for a healthy ocean as well as the wildlife and communities that depend on it, which includes us.

We are committed to bringing balance back to our planet and our first step is to give back to the very resource that makes BDE Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gummies possible— the ocean. We have pledged to support Ocean Conservancy through monthly donations to help restore the ocean's ecosystem and health.

BDE™ was designed to give you the confidence & health to take on the world. An awesome thing for all, made from the earth & ocean, our plant-based gummy will improve & enhance your performance on all of life’s stages.

Made in USA

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